The Art of Paradox

by Mirrors

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Philip G. Bennett
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Philip G. Bennett Been waiting for this one ever since they dropped their first track! Honestly one of my favourite upcoming bands! I hope they release CDs for this.. Favorite track: Farplane (Feat. Patrick Somoulay).
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Omaggedon It's heavy, violent, dark and ugly. Parallels I think is a good introductory track for Mirrors. Favorite track: Parallels.
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Debut EP "The Art of Paradox"


released August 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Mirrors Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Track Name: Mira
If what you see is a monster in me
You better look in the mirror
If what you see is tragedy
You better look in the mir-

This is factual and what you see is what you get
An animal, neck deep inside your own regret
I'm not a liar, did you mean everything you said?
I'll show you. I'll show you what it's like to be dead
Track Name: Parallels
I am the face of what you hate
(You'll never see it coming)
(I'll change your very fate)
Hide from the shadows and stay on your toes
Do whatever you can to survive


I will rip apart your soul
There's nowhere left for you to go

Everyone in here can see right through you
Everything you love is a fucking joke
Everyone in here will no longer stand you anymore

You better watch yourself because there's nowhere left to turn
From this corner where you left me to burn
I see it in your eyes, the pressure's tearing up your mind
I hope you know you fucked up this time

I have no sympathy for people like you
Feeding random bullshit in the mouths of your fools
We're already dead inside, dead inside
And now it's time to beg for your life

All of the things that you've ever said and done to me
I'm tired of this shit, I'm fucking over it

And now that it's all said and done
You'll be erased with no regrets
Your journey's coming to an end
And I see that you're in

That's all I ever see in your eyes
And you see it comes as no surprise
That's all I ever taste in your blood
(You better watch yourself because there's nowhere left to turn)
You left me to burn
Track Name: Glass Box
Glass box
Underneath this chest of reality
There's a side of me that I'll never show
As the sand in the glass is falling
Through the ashes of everything we know
Fear is fueling the simple mass
Through the looking glass, through the looking glass
I can see what is killing me
I can see what the fuck its doing to me

Where is the confidence in me?
How did no one else see?
I've been burning for my chance at what I want
There is no chance, there is no change
But there's a way to rearrange


Lost in the darkest of valleys
Will anyone else see the pain in my eyes
I just never had a chance to answer my call
Maybe I'm weak and broken down inside

Ever since I can remember
I've always been filled with hate

I know this isn't my fate

Through this time in my life
Every second was a fucking lie
Losing the fear of ever
Being disappointed, look in my eyes
Do you see the darkness
Do you see a broken heart
I've been coming undone
Ever since the very start

My intentions were pure
They were always gold
But I've been trapped inside
This box of glass, just growing old
The spark of insanity grew in my mind
As the fire in my heart was dying

As the light blinds the weight of the world, I will answer my call
It's not the end of it all, it's just the beginning
This is my everything
Track Name: Farplane (Feat. Patrick Somoulay)
I promise to never forget
Everything that you taught me
All of the nights spent on teachings of a life
Without punishment or anguish
Your presence will never go blinded

I am a mirror of your face and the things you left behind
A legacy of love and unconditional smiles
Remembrance of a lasting life never replaced
Why did he have to take you away
Why did you take him away?

God tell me, please just let me know that he's safe

I can feel his presence in my heart
And in my soul, in the memories we hold
It's never meaningless, but was it worth it
To leave us all behind
Seek love and he shall find

A legacy of love and unconditional smiles
Remembrance of a lasting life never replaced
Why did he have to take you away?

Why did you take him away?

God, why did you take him away?
Track Name: Parallax
i'll be your last mistake
There's not a thing that you can say

I've been running from my problems for way too long
You made me broken, but I promise that I'll break you more
Tear you down from the clouds that your head rests at night
Come down now, I won't go without a fight

Don't ever call yourself a king when everything you built is crumbling
It's easy to say with your selfish ways
You better know your place, you fucking disgrace
You've always viewed me as expendable, well look at me now
I could be the better person, but I don't know how to hold myself back

No more regrets for you
(You can't escape the fear)
It's time you knew the truth
(You know you'll die right here)

I'll let these demons take control, let out my very soul
It's time to face the punishment and make the pain take its toll


You just never seem to understand the shit you put me through
Nows the time to realize your crimes are coming back to haunt
You just never seem to understand the shit you put me through
You fucking bitch, these crimes are coming back to haunt you